Russian Nat. Team

In 1971 the Russian National Team put up there hockey training camp in the Pellikaan Hal for a week.
With the well-kown goalie Tretjak and players like Charlamov, Larionov, Maltsev, Petrov, Firsov etc. Tilburg Trappers played the Russians ( at that time considered to be one of the best teams in the world ) in an entertaining exhibition game for a sold out crowd of 4500.

The score after 3 periods : Tilburg 1 - Russia 25.

Maltsev (10) on the puck with Hans Christiaans (4).
Jaroslav Bulejcik (1) is looking for the puck.

Charlamov (17) and Jaroslav Bulejcik (1)

Michailov (13) with Huub van Dun (2) and Hans Christiaans (4).

Jaroslav Bulejcik (1) and Huub van Dun (2).

The Russians returned in the season 1980-1981 (January 8th) and in the season 1981-1982 (December 28th).