Did you know that

  • Since 1964 Tilburg Trappers have had 426 hockeyplayers! (369 players and 57 goalies).
  • The most games were played by Martin Trommelen (954)!
  • The most goals were scored by Joe Simons (743)!
  • The most assists were given by Jiri Petrnousek (705)!
  • The most points were made by Joe Simons (1148)!
  • The most penalties were served by Casey VanSchagen (1462 min.)!


  • That Jaroslav Tuma is still the best 'allround' player (765 points in 219 games). That is an average of 3.49
  • Ticket prices for seats were 50 cents in 1939 and you had to pay 25 cents for a regular ticket.
  • That there are working 5 people in the TYSC Archive once a week
    (Dhr. Wouters, Dhr. Jacob, Dhr. van den Broek, Dhr. F. van Berkel and Dhr H. van Berkel)
  • The youngest player ever was 12 years old. (Adri van Buuren on 29-11-1968)
  • The oldest player ever was 40 years old. (John Griffith on 13-02-1987)
  • The longest period without a title was 23 years. (1947/1948 - 1969-1970)
  • Tilburg played 23 times for the Dutch "Beker".
  • The largest crowd who paid a visit to a Hockeygame was 11000. (25-03-1951 Dusseldorf EG vs. TYSC Trappers)
  • The most penalty minutes in one game was 172. (19-10-2007 Tilburg vs. Heerenveen)
  • The fastest goal in advance was scored after 5 seconds in a game. (Ward Laurie op 12-10-1973)


  • The fastest goal against was scored after 10 seconds in a game. (Norman Furlong op 18-02-1971)
  • Toon van Rijswijk debute game was on 11-01-1940.
  • The deer-logo was drawn by Gerrit Villevoye as a tribute to our liberators.
  • The most goals in a match was 39. (TYSC Trappers vs. Blackpool 38-1)
  • The fastest penalized player was Aaron Lee. (9 seconden op 07-12-2013)

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